summerdown farm project

This was one of my largest design and build projects. The client wanted sculptural railings to their terrace wall, plus steps, hard standing around the pond and a focal point at the end. After talking it through with the client I came up with the idea and theme of welded chains that would run through the garden linking the two levels together. The chain would make the railings and hand rail for the steps, and a sculptural focal point at the end of the pond to draw your eyes down through the valley. The sculptural railings - that needed to not block the view from their kitchen - would be made from raw welded chain. This would eventually go rusty and blend in with the surrounding colours. Patinated green copper figures were made to look as if they were pulling a large stone. This unusual large lump of flint stone came from the farm grounds and my clients had always liked it so it was nice to incorporate it into the design. The decking was made from local larch that I scorched to help protect it, highlight the grain and darken the colour so it would be visually softer next to the pond and in the landscape. The decking boards were set on an angle to the pond to help focus the eye down the valley, these were also canter levered over the ponds edge to break up the original shape and levels.